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Clarisel Gonzalez

Digital Journalist and Social Entrepreneur

Clarisel Gonzalez is the editor and publisher of Clarisel Media and Puerto Rico Sun (PRSUN) Communications, independent media and social marketing ventures. Clarisel is a media entrepreneur with a mission to inform, empower and build community. A veteran journalist with a background as an editor and reporter, she has worked at online and print publications in New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico. Publications include; the Syracuse Newspapers, Gannett Suburban Newspapers (now known as The Journal-News), Catholic New York, Tiempo New York, DTM magazine (now LatinTrends), Manhattan Times, and Scholastic News, all in New York; the Union News and Sunday Republican (now The Republican) in Springfield, MA; and the San Juan Star, Puerto Rico. She has also served as lead staff writer for the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, a research institute at Hunter College of the City University of New York (CUNY). She is currently a contributing media consultant to the Latino Leadership Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating leadership in politics, policy and community organizing. Clarisel is a graduate of the Latino Leadership Institute and the Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work's Electoral Activism and Leadership Academy. Clarisel is a freelance content writer and member of the Freelancers Union.

Clarisel Gonzalez's Background

Clarisel Gonzalez's Experience

Editor and Publisher at Clarisel Media

March 2012

Clarisel Media is an independent media and social marketing business registered in the Bronx, NY. Clarisel Gonzalez, a digital journalist and media specialist, is the editor and publisher of Clarisel Media, which has a portfolio of online media brands including Bronx Latino, the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network, and Kitty & Doggie News.

Founder and Administrator at Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network

February 2010

Independent media project and networking hub for, by and about Bronx entrepreneurs and small businesses. A project of Clarisel Media. Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network honored with a 2014 Bronx Volunteer Coalition certificate for community service.

Editor and Publisher at Puerto Rico Sun Communications

July 2002

Puerto Rico Sun is an independent media and social marketing business with a focus on the Puerto Rican diaspora. Our mission is to inform, empower and build community since 2002.

Clarisel Gonzalez's Education

Fordham University

1988 – 1992


Concentration: Media Studies and Psychology

Activities: News editor and reporter of the Observer, the college newspaper

Latino Leadership Institute and Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work


Concentration: Electoral Activism and Leadership Academy

Activities: Classes covered a range of topics including media messaging, fundraising, and petitioning.

Clarisel Gonzalez's Interests & Activities

journalism, writing, editing, curating content, media consulting, social media, blogging, marketing, communications, public relations, photography, social entrepreneurship, networking, guerilla networking and marketing

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